Sam Dirani - Shop Manager

Sam graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences and genetics in 2001 and began his professional career as a scientist working for industry-leading companies including Syngenta, Bayer Pharma, and the Duke Center for Human Genetics. In 2003, Sam changed careers to pursue his other passion, design.  While working at a local exhibit design firm, Sam was introduced to industrial design. He then earned his Master of Industrial Design degree from the North Carolina State University College of Design, where he had the opportunity to teach and train others. Sam went on to work at a variety of design firms, as well as working independently for clients around the world. He has more than ten years of professional design experience, 15 years of shop experience, and is well-versed in a variety of materials and manufacturing processes. Sam has also helped start and work on several start-ups and knows firsthand the importance of design and affordable prototyping to the success of a business.